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Introducing The Industrialist’s Dilemma

Retail. Life Sciences. Transportation. Healthcare. Hospitality. What do all these industries have in common? Up until just a couple of years ago, they were largely insulated from the rules of technological disruption, and yet, all of a sudden they’re now the targets of some of the most heavily funded, talented tech companies on the planet.

Just as Marc Andreessen described that software eating the world four years ago, startups today are able to harness the power of cheaper computing, unlimited data storage, ubiquitous internet and smartphones, contract manufacturing, and improved digital experiences to attack industries that haven’t changed for decades or centuries. While for years the tech industry had been squarely focused on optimizing known tech problems –building faster search engines or a better phone– all this digital power is causing a set of entrepreneurs to explore brand new solutions to nearly every legacy industry.

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  1. Les entreprises bien établies sauront-elles réagir et intégrer la nouvelle économie dans leur business modèle ? Je pense que oui ! Mais il y aura de la casse, certaines s’en sortiront mieux que d’autres, certaines disparaitront.



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